The Downlow

•February 13, 2013 • 3 Comments

Ok then! This post will cover what is going on and respond to some questions people asked:

1) What’s the holdup? The edited translations have been locked into dead computers from back when I didn’t back up my shit and I’ve been putting off getting the data out because of life and depression issues.

2) When will that be resolved? When my techie friends get them out of the bricks.

3) And then what? The edited text will be put on the cleaned pages (which are already cleaned)

4) Can I help? Yes, please! I know there have been a few people offering help in various areas for quite some time. IF YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED AS OF NOW please respond to *this* post listing what you would be willing to do. I will respond to those comments accordingly.

5) Where can I find access to scans of the manga in Japanese OR Chinese? I don’t know where you can find them online, sorry! I suggest just Google searching until you find something. I definitely know there were some (kind of dirty) Chinese scans floating around, but as I can’t read Chinese, I didn’t save the link. IF ANYONE FINDS A LINK TO SCANS please respond to this post with a link and specify what language they are in! I know many people would be very grateful for the help 🙂

6) Wait, where are you getting *your* scans? I have the physical copies in Japanese in addition to old scans of the next few chapters. I am planning on cannibalizing my copies to scan them for later chapters, but IF SOMEONE ALREADY HAS HALFWAY DECENT SCANS OR A LINK TO THEM please link them as mentioned above, as the shipping for manga from Japan is expensive if I want replacements.

Note: shipping is definitely expensive, but the copies themselves are NOT since Japanese manga is much cheaper thane English-language manga, so if you’re really desperate you can try sniping for a set of books at a low enough price to make up for the shipping! That’s what I did when I bought Animal X: Genshi Sairai Volumes 5-10 and the cost was similar to buying 5 volumes of English manga at the time, so if you have a little extra money and time, you need not despair immediately!

7) Can I translate English translations into Spanish/Klingon/some other language? Go for it! It’s not like *we* own the rights to Animal X or anything related to it. If you do choose to do so, please just credit either Genshi Sairai Resurrection or the original scanlation site DokiDoki for the respective that chapters that we/they worked on 🙂

Chapter 25 Progress Update

•January 8, 2012 • 39 Comments

Now that it is a new year, some things are starting to calm down. This is just a quick post to let you all know that the chapter has left the cleaning process. We are still waiting on the proof-read script, but hopefully that will come up soon.

Thank you for your patience.

Update for Chaper 25

•December 11, 2011 • 9 Comments

There have been drastic events in some of our staff’s lives this last few months that have caused this project to be put on the back burner for the time being.

We do apologize for the delay, but things are too out of control at the moment. Once life calms down we will have the next chapter up. Our apologies, but we do not have an ETA.

We hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season!

Update for Chapter 25

•October 26, 2011 • 8 Comments

As much as I do NOT want to post this, I have to. Due to circumstances completely out of our control the next release will not be available until the middle/end of November.

I sincerely apologize for this, and thank you all for having such patience with our group.

Chapter 24

•September 21, 2011 • 40 Comments

And here it is folks!

Next Release Date

•September 1, 2011 • 2 Comments

Hello everyone!

First and foremost, thank you all for being so patient with us. It has been a busy summer in RL for everyone here and we appreciate you staying with us!

Due to the business, the release will be near the end of this month.


Animal X Vol 6 Ch 23

•July 1, 2011 • 38 Comments

Here you go!

Thanks to Diorama!